Our Practice

For nearly two decades, our office has made it our highest priority to create a dental family where we provide our patients with superior service, a spectacular smile and a lifetime of great oral health. The doctors have over 50 years of combined experience in the dental field and many of our staff have been with us from the beginning. And even though we are in the business of dentistry, we still pride ourselves on being able to make every one of our patients…young and old…feel at home, comfortable and well cared for all while managing to have a pretty good time doing it!
We constantly strive to ensure our patients get the latest and most health conscious, innovative treatments by regularly attending continuing education, conferring with many physicians, nutritionists, dieticians, nurses, and chiropractors to enable us to provide HEALTH CENTERED DENTISTRY that treats not just the teeth but the individual
as a whole! All of our assistants are certified through the State of Missouri as Expanded Function Dental Assistants, a step we feel enables our staff to fully serve the needs of our patients.

Sharing our love of dentistry is an important aspect of our daily lives and we are so fortunate as an office to be associated with the Summit Dental Assisting Academy…a 12 week accelerated Basic Dental Assisting Course taking place right in our office, directed by Drs. Bromley and Broyles and taught by our lead instructor Michele Roth. Watching young adults, many of them our previous patients, become passionate about a dental career and being able to shape their future in a positive way as been an exceptionally great experience for our entire office. It also makes us stay current with new materials, techniques and technologies which is vital information in the ever changing field of medicine and dentistry.

Come see us today and experience for yourself the many great benefits of being part of our dental family!